Tax credits and deductions Canadians can claim to get bigger returns this year

Tax season is upon us, implying you wish to begin collecting your documents and figuring out which tax reductions and credits you can declare. This past year was certainly tough on Canadians, with increasing costs and inflation weighing heavily on the minds and pockets of folks across the country. So, if you’re trying to find […]

Best tax deductions for my 2023 personal tax return for filing in Canada

1. RRSP Deduction: Contributions made to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are a significant tax deduction available to taxpayers. 2. Child Care Expenses: If you have children and you pay for daycare, a nanny, or after-school programs, you may be able to claim these expenses. 3. Moving Expenses: Canada allows taxpayers to amortize the […]