In December 2023, the federal government of Canada presented a new dental benefit program for countless uninsured Canadians, and more than 600,000 have actually currently looked for it.

The strategy is intended at helping individuals keep tooth and gum health and avoid and treat oral healthcare concerns and illness.

Health Canada shared the services offered under the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) on Thursday.

“The CDCP will be bigger than any other irreversible government advantage program to date as it aims to enhance access to oral care for approximately 9 million uninsured Canadians,” commented the Minister of Public Providers and Procurement Jean-Yves Duclos.

“This has to do with fairness and health equity, and by covering essential services, we’re guaranteeing that expense is no longer a barrier to oral health,” stated Minister of Citizens’ Solutions Terry Beech.

Most services provided by the program will be available in May, but services needing preauthorization and previous assessments from an oral health supplier will become offered in November 2024. Examples of such services consist of getting crowns or initial placement of partial dentures and procedures requiring general anesthesia.

Health service providers taking part in the benefit program will straight bill Sun Life to guarantee timely compensation and prevent out-of-pocket expenses. It’s the client’s task to verify the eligibility of the services under the CDCP in case there are expenses not covered by it.

“Individuals covered under the CDCP might have to pay an exceptional quantity such as a co-payment or service charges, which would be paid directly to their oral health service provider,” Health Canada shared. “CDCP costs will be reassessed annually to account for new evidence, inflation, and changes in costs gradually.”

Here’s what’s consisted of in the plan, per Health Canada’s newest update:

Diagnostic and preventive services

Planned to examine your oral health status, keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy, and prevent cavities and gum illness. Provider covered include:

  • a range of oral exams, including complete, routine, specific and emergency tests
  • X-rays
  • cleansing (scaling and polishing)
  • fluoride applications
  • sealants

Fundamental services

Restorative services

These are meant to treat decayed or fractured teeth. Solutions covered include:

  • irreversible fillings
  • temporary fillings
  • discomfort control for diseased teeth
  • other treatments for cavities

Endodontic services

These are intended to treat teeth that are badly decayed, contaminated or broken. Solutions covered include:

  • root canal treatments
  • pulpectomies (initial step of a root canal treatment)
  • procedures to minimize infection and supply short-term discomfort relief
  • retreatment of previously finished root canal treatment (needs preauthorization)

Periodontal services

These are meant to deal with locations around the teeth, including gums and bone supporting the teeth. Services covered include:

  • cleaning under the gumline
  • treatment of abscesses
  • bonding for mobile teeth (requires preauthorization)
  • post-surgical assessments (requires preauthorization)
  • non-surgical gum illness management

Significant services

Restorative services

These are intended to bring back teeth with a more comprehensive treatment when teeth are too damaged to be brought back by fundamental fillings.

  • posts and post-removal
  • repairs to crowns and rebonding of crowns and posts
  • crowns (requires preauthorization)
  • cores (to support crowns) (requires preauthorization)
  • posts for crown (requires preauthorization)

Detachable prosthodontic services

Meant to replace missing teeth. Solutions covered include:

  • complete dentures, including standard and short-term dentures
  • denture repair work, relines, and rebases
  • positioning lining in dentures to condition oral tissues (for comfort and healing)
  • complete instant and overdentures (requires preauthorization)
  • initial positioning of partial dentures (requires preauthorization)
  • replacement of partial dentures

Dental surgery

Planned to remove teeth or tumours or repair other problems in the mouth and jaw needing surgical intervention. Solutions covered consist of:

  • elimination of teeth and roots
  • surgical removal of tumours and cysts
  • surgical incisions, consisting of draining pipes
  • treatments for jaw bone fractures

Anesthesia/sedation services

Extra services are offered in support of another service. Services covered include:

  • minimal sedation (mindful)
  • moderate sedation (requires preauthorization)
  • deep sedation (requires preauthorization)
  • general anesthesia (requires preauthorization)

Orthodontic services

Some orthodontic services will be included to the CDCP starting in 2025. They will only be covered in cases of medical need based on strict requirements and will consist of an optimal spending limit.

If you’re uninsured in Canada and want to discover more about this oral benefit program, visit this link.