John Whiteley CPA provides bookkeeping support for small business owners.  Transactions are posted monthly to your accounting software. Banks and credit card statements are reconciled on a monthly basis.

HST returns are completed and net-filed to CRA on your behalf. A copy of the HST summary and detail is supplied directly to you for approval before submitting any returns to the government.

A monthly profit and loss statement is provided to the business owner for his or her view and questions.

The outsourcing of your books to our bookkeeping service can be the best solution for you and release more time available for you to manage your business and attract more customers. We endeavor to keep the bookkeeping arrangements as simple as possible.

Hiring a Bookkeeper

Hiring a local or online Bookkeeper to look after your accounting records of
your small business is a crucial part of your business model, saving you time
and money, and granting you the piece of mind that comes with knowing your
financials are well managed. Thanks to this outstanding and ever improving
service, you can move your business forward with the knowledge that
experienced, talented professionals are handling this important administrative

Outsourcing your Bookkeeping can be less Expensive

Hiring any employee takes  time.  If you have ever moved through the
process of hiring someone, you understand the cost and the risks. There are
fixed costs, like the price of running ads to attract experienced talent; there
are also more abstract costs, like the cost of your time in reviewing resumes,
screening candidates, interviewing, running background checks, and choosing an  employee. In the meantime, there is opportunity costs involved because all the  time you are spending doing these things, you are not selling your products and  services, building relationships with your clients, and generating revenue.

Once you have chosen an employee,  you incur costs generating payroll for this individual, along with unemployment  insurance and any benefits provided. He or she is paid, even during training,  when no work is actually being done, and if this person chooses to move on to a  different job you must start over.

Outsourcing can save in Bookkeeping Software costs

A full time bookkeeper employee will demand a competitive salary, but the cost does not stop there. In order to provide that bookkeeper with the proper tools to manage your general ledger,
taxes, and cost sheets, you must purchase and install software, which requires
occasional updates as well. By utilizing Moncton Bookkeeper services, you do
not incur the cost of the software; it is bought and installed by the
outsourcing service, and your talented freelance bookkeeper will manage your
books, using up-to-date tools that you can access at any time.

A Bookkeeper’s Time Varies with Business Cycle

A small business will cycle in  its bookkeeping needs. It is very likely that two to three weeks out of the  month, you will only need part time bookkeeping work done, but at month end,  and definitely at year end, that work may pick up to full time. Small business  bookkeeping services are provided on an as needed basis, meaning that if your  business only requires 15 hours of work this week, you will only pay for 15  hours of work. When hiring your own professional, you will be forced to pay for  full time services so that they are available when you need them, which is a  costly proposition.

Qualified Bookkeeper Does Not Need Training

John Whiteley CPA only hires specialized bookkeeping professionals, who accept responsibility and accountability for their work. When you utilize a freelance professional from a service like this, you are ensured that a knowledgeable, reliable individual is
managing your financial information, and that he or she, as well as the service
represented, takes full responsibility and accountability for the work they are
doing. A small business owner like yourself will save money and have time and
resources to move their business forward with the help of small business Moncton Bookkeeper services.