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Personal Tax Returns

T4 & T5 income
Rental income
Capital gains/losses

Corporation Tax Returns

T2 returns & schedules

Preparation of T4/T5

HST/GST returns

Year End adjusting entries

QuickBooks Online Setup

Bookkeeping services


Business Plans and Coaching

Preparation of business plans including cash flow forecasts, profit and loss, balance sheet
Small business owner coaching 
Training on how to post to QuickBooks Online
Preparing monthly reports for management
Representing you in communications with CRA

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Small Business Corporations

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RRSP Purchase Deadline

RRSP purchases within 60 days after the calendar yean end can be deducted in your tax return for the previous year.

RRSP Contribution Room

Check your RRSP contribution room before making additional contributions and avoid over contribution penalties
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Corporate Tax Returns Due Date

Get your Return filed on time and avoid penalties and interest

Filing Due Date

Corporate returns due six months after your fiscal year end. Tax owing due within 3 months
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